1. February 20-22.15 - End in Sight, Through the Blizzard

    Date 15 Jun 2015
    In 2 weeks time I was back. The wind had gotten icier and the roads more treacherous, but on the day before my 22nd birthday, I was back on the Trailways bus to Albany.  Trailways bus en route to Albany. 3 pm on a Friday in February is apparently the best…

  2. January 24-25.15 - Indian Corn Soup and Customs

    Date 23 Feb 2015
    What was an array of warm browns and golds just five weeks ago had frozen over into a blanket of monotone gray and white. With this came a steep drop in temperature leaving Akwesasne hovering around -20 degrees Fahrenheit. I find JA sitting outside the casino waiting for me as we’re…

  3. September 27-28.14 - To the North Country

    Date 17 Nov 2014
    The first of several journeys to the Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation in Upstate New York and Canada Manhattan-New Jersey-Albany-Adirondacks-North Country-Ontario. Photos from the 6 hour journey in getting to the destination and beyond. Best seat on the Megabus New Jersey Pit stop in Nazi Germany, I mean SUNY Albany Across Nation…

  4. November 8-9.14 - Of Sovereign Land

    Date 17 Nov 2014
    Round 3 begins in an abandoned amusement park at the foot of the Adirondacks Bring it on. Upon entering the rez, it seemed only appropriate after the last experience to introduce myself to the tribal police. Confident, but sweaty, I approached the large tinted window and pressed my face against…

  5. October 17-18.14 - Necessary Opposition

    Date 17 Nov 2014
    I arrive in Akwesasne for the second time, unaware of the challenges and opposition I would finally meet. At first I was genuinely surprised, especially coming off of the high from the first trip; to be met with such intense opposition was abruptly shocking. It was back to the beginning…

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